ProMed Medical Design Technology Article

As more therapies are able to indicate implantable devices for treatment, incorporating drug delivery into them can be a significant additional benefit. Even when drug delivery is the primary function, implantable devices can be preferable. This article reviews some representative applications that device designers can leverage in developing new products for the implantable drug delivery market. Read more >

ProMed Pharma Brochure

For over 20 years, ProMed Molded Products has specialized in the molding of small, intricately designed silicone components and sub-assemblies. In 2006, ProMed Pharma leveraged this expertise to begin production of polymer-based drug releasing implants and combination device components. Working with both established and early-stage medical device and pharmaceutical companies, we develop robust manufacturing processes and platforms for controlled release of drugs from a variety of materials. Read more >

ProMed QA WhitePaper

ProMed’s Pharma division embarked on the journey to manufacture combination drug/device components several years ago. Differences in regulatory requirements between Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical products presented unique challenges during this effort. This white paper discusses some of ProMed Pharma’s challenges, and solutions implemented. Alternate approaches to satisfy these challenges are available, solutions should be selected to best suite your company. Read more >